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Life Coach Toronto


Professional Life Coach and Counsellor


Meet Nicole, owner of NF Coaching!


Nicole graduated University with a B.A in Psychology and later went on to attain a post-grad certification in Addictions and Mental Health. While working in the field of mental health, she became intrigued by the concept of coaching and helping to empower others to transform their lives personally and professionally which lead her to successfully graduate from Erickson International Coaching. 


Many people ask me why I chose this as my career and to be honest, the answer is simple! I have a passion for motivating others and helping them strive to be better versions of themselves.

Here’s how my passion transpired: Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve always enjoyed helping people solve their problems by providing them logical and positive solutions. In my friend circle, I was that person that people gravitated towards and always confided in. As I got older, I decided to follow my interest by majoring in Psychology during University. My education helped me better understand the human brain and behavior. After graduating University with a B.A, I took a Post-Graduate program specializing in Addictions and Mental Health. Then, after learning about the concept of Life Coaching, I immediately became intrigued and enhanced my knowledge and skills at Erickson Coaching International. These new skills gave me the ability to make personal breakthroughs and breakthroughs for others.

Due to my compassion and caring nature, I realized there’s no better way than to help people by empowering them through goal-oriented and solution-focused therapy. Establishing a safe and secure environment are key elements to my coaching and counselling style. I encourage people to speak their minds in a judgment-free zone.

When it comes to relationships, personal development and career goals, I am your one-stop shop. I vow to provide you with the right tools, strategies and on-going support to help you reach your goals and build a positive and fulfilling lifestyle.

My other areas of expertise are: time management, stress management, self-esteem/confidence building and life transitions.


Overall, I know what it’s like to feel stuck in a rut. But, I also know that being held accountable with the right person’s help, you can and WILL get out of that rut while taking the right steps to put your life on the path to success. I am here to help empower YOU, so that you have the ability to transform your own life and take yourself down the path of success!

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