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Relationship Coaching

Work through relationship and dating difficulties while mastering the ability to be confident in yourself and your relationship.

Relationship Coaching


No Strings Attached

This program is totally unique and is designed for people who don’t know what to expect from relationship coaching. Book yourself a no commitment introduction session to help you define the steps you need in order to work through some difficulties and gain the skills and confidence you have been looking for.

Happy Couple


Building Connections-3 months 

  • 12 weeks

  • 12 weekly one-on-one sessions with a coach

  • Take home custom coaching tools and activities created to help you attain your goals.

Some Topics Covered Within These Sessions

  • Communication

  • Compatibility

  • Emotional Detachment

  • Values in a Partner

  • Life Transitions

  • Life Challenges

  • Body Language

  • Attachment Difficulties

  • Dating Anxiety

  • Dating & Marriage 

  • Family Difficulties

  • Mutual Goals

  • Overcoming Disagreements  

  • Confidence

  • Self-Esteem

Relationship Coaching
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